Saturday, August 7, 2010

World War III

I have renamed my children.

My 11yo is now "The USA"; she keeps telling the rest of the world what to do.

My 8yo & 7yo are "Israel" & "Palestine", respectively.

Then we have "South Korea" [5yo] & "North Korea" [3yo]. North Korea has the Nukes & she's not afraid to use them.

And then we have little "Iran", 1yo, who just goes around randomly threatening to bomb Infidels world wide [w/ great follow through].

I've decided that I am the British Empire in decline. I'm here trying to rule this world and keep these Heathen Nations under control, and it just isn't working any more.

The Doggone Colonials keep acting out.

Yeah, school needs to start back soon or I'm seriously going to consider a blanket "Scorched Earth Policy" just to stop the Fighting.

Tea, anyone?

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