Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Baby is TWO!!!!!

Yesterday was Monkey6's second birthday! I still can't believe the "baby" of the family is two years old already!!!!

She had a great day [except for the preschool part].

It started with her birthday breakfast - complete with Birthday Bacon!!!!

She went to preschool at 9am and then at 10:30 I went to take cupcakes for her class. I found her crying hysterically on the playground with her teacher holding her. She had been crying all morning and some of the other teachers told me that she did that "every single day". [I had been told she only cried for a "couple of minutes" and then was happy, so I was surprised to learn this.]

So, I took her home with me.

My parents came and took her to Toys-R-Us and let her spend a fortune on whatever she wanted [including chocolate, as you can see from her face in the pic below ;) ]. Here is Monkey6 with all her loot her Grandparents bought her:

After the other kids got home from school she got to open her other presents.

For dinner she had Zaxby's chicken fingers and french fries. After dinner she got to have her birthday cake:

Thank You God for Monkey6!!!! :) :)


  1. I miss this stage. They grow so quickly. YOu have a beautiful family. Welcome to CMO!

  2. Oh, she's so sweet... :) I can't believe she's two either! I may never catch up on my google reader, but I hope the day care situation has resolved. Others already contributed good ideas, so I have nothing but sympathy...when Maria was a year old I had to put her in daycare until we started homeschooling when she was six. We were blessed with great daycares, but there were always bumps along the way and teary mornings.