Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Uber Children Strike Again

My children are so smart they scare me sometimes.

I just sat down at my computer to write and found a story my oldest child is working on. She has written it in English [and it is good] and then translated it into German. Just for fun - because she can.

Yesterday she entertained and enlightened me with a lengthy dissertation on the different Ptolmeys that ruled ancient civilizations and who placed them in power and how they ended...

[Lest you think she learned any of that from me - be certain that I barely remembered the name "Ptolemy" from my BA in History - much less how many there were and who put them where].

Nothing surprises me any more. I'm convinced she knows everything. ;)

I'm just glad she's harnessing all this brain power for GOOD because she'd make a hell of an Evil Genius. I sure wouldn't want to have to thwart her plans for World Domination. ;)

Then there's the youngest one. She decided she wanted some cereal while I was giving her sisters a bath. She couldn't reach the bowls [in a high cabinet], but she didn't let that stop her. She pulled a chair over to the counter, climbed up on the counter, got out the *coffee filters* opened the box of Life cereal, and poured herself a big "bowl" full.

Now THAT is Improvising, Adapting, and Overcoming!!!!



  1. Adapt and overcome...hmmm reminds me of a Marine Corps Motto...Amazing family you have lady!

  2. Kelly! LMAO at little Monkey #6!! That is *so* the youngest's thing to do - Charlie is *so* very self-surviving :) It's scary!

    And #1 - hello??!!! - she is growing up into a lovely young lady, Kelly! Man! It hasn't been *that* long since I've seen her, but this photo is telling me otherwise!

  3. Ditto what Shelly said. And maybe I'm wrong on this one, but Gemma looks like a mini Gabe in this pic. Especially the eyes!

  4. Gemma does resemble Gabe a whole lot. They all look so similar, but those two are very, very close in appearance IMO.

    I know Shelly - she's growing up FAST!!!!

    Susette, you know I'm doing my best to raise good little Devil Dog pups. Aren't you? LOL!