Sunday, August 29, 2010


Another laugh from my amusing children:

I was driving along, minding my own business, and all of a sudden I hear Monkey4, the 5yo, SCREAM from the back of the van "PRAY!! MOMMMY PRAY!!!"

I start looking around, kinda freaked out, wondering what she sees that I don't - is there a meteor heading for Earth? [I looked up and didn't see one]. Is there a renegade rhino charging across the field to intercept our van? [I checked the field - just some sleepy cows]. Has she seen the Archangel Gabriel in the Heavens blowing the trumpet that signals the second coming? [The only Gabriel I see is my son in the back seat. ]

She continues to yell "Pray!!!!" and I say "WHY are you screaming at me to pray? What do you see that I am missing?!"

And she says "Mommy, its a grave yard!"

And I look out the window and sure enough, far off in the horizon, there is a tiny, ancient family burial ground that I never would have seen in a million years.

I had to laugh.

It is our practice as a family to pray for the dead whenever we pass a Cemetery [which, for a while my 7yo was calling a "Purgatory" - being confused about her words, but understanding Church doctrine ;) ].

And since my dear friend Cyndi passed away, we pray especially for her [along with the other dead people] whenever we pass one.

My children have become VERY vigilant since Cyndi's death - they NEVER miss a chance to pray for their God Mother. We will not pass a single solitary grave without praying, I promise you [none that are marked anyway!]!

For which I am grateful - what a lovely thing for them to pay attention to.

But we did have to have a talk about how to alert Mommy to the need to pray *without* almost causing her to have a wreck because you scared her so badly.... ;)

"May the souls of the faithful departed, through the Mercy of God, rest in peace, especially Cyndi. Amen."

And Thank you God for my sweet, prayerful little Monkey4! What a precious girl she is!

God Bless you!


  1. Hi! I didn't know you had a public blog again! Oh my goodness, look at your babies (sniff), ok, I'm off to catch up.

  2. That top picture can't possibly be Monkey 4!! How and when did she get so grown up?