Saturday, October 16, 2010

Should I Be Concerned?

So, it is a lazy Saturday afternoon. I am sitting on the couch snuggling my 2yo and talking with my 9yo son and 12yo daughter.

Suddenly, my 7yo daughter walks in, leading my 3yo daughter - who is completely tied up from head to toe with the dog's leash and a long strand of ribbon. Bringing up the rear is my 5yo daughter who is making sure she doesn't escape.

My 7yo announces loudly, to no one in particular, "We have a prisoner!".

The 3yo prisoner is smiling from ear to ear, marching along without complaint.

They march through the living room, and then the 5yo pats the 3yo prisoner on the shoulder gently and says cheerfully "Let's go Baby Monster".

Yep. My life is surreal. ;)


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