Friday, October 1, 2010

The Perfect Weekend

Last weekend was a perfect weekend. It has been a long time since we've had a nice weekend like that. Nothing special happened, but I wanted to write about it - to remember it.

It had finally cooled down some, which helped - it was the first time in 5 months that it has been less than 85 degrees in our house. We ALL felt so relieved. I did not realize how oppressive the heat had been [for June, July, and August the temp inside had been between 89-92 degrees non-stop - it had cooled down to 85 for September]. [And it was MUCH hotter than that in the bedrooms where the window unit AC could not affect the temp]. It was outstanding to be in our house and not be sweating and sticky and miserable!

Saturday morning started with all of us snuggling on the big bed. We laid there for an hour or so, kids taking turns [nicely!] on who got to lie right next to me. We just talked and hung out and snuggled. It was wonderful.

Then we got up, and I made crepes with the help of my 5yo [it was her turn to cook with mommy]. It was lovely. The children LOVE crepes, and it is so simple to do. We had a great breakfast together.

We spent most of the day lying around, reading, talking, cuddling, playing Yu-Gi-Oh, and just enjoying life.

My 5yo had a birthday party to attend, so we took her to that.

Then we came home and made cookies.

For dinner, my oldest child had requested lemon spaghetti. So, we had fun making that together [though half the kids chose to eat just spaghetti and parmesan cheese without the lemon cream sauce!]. I thought it turned out delicious though, and so did half the kids.

On Sunday we got up early for Church. I got all of the kids ready without too much stress [still one of the hardest things I do - getting 6 young children ready for Church and out the door on time with no help!].

When we got home, we ate lunch and then decided to sort shoes. With 6 children in shoes, I had about 5 big garbage bags of shoes that I was saving "in between sizes" or that others had given me for the kids. We sorted through it all and got it down to 3 small rubbermaid containers that are easy to store. The rest we donated [or threw out - some of them I was like "WHAT was I thinking even saving these shoes?! They are ragged!"].

We ended up with 3 big bags that we donated to the Salvation Army on Monday, and we cleared out quite a large spot in the area where we were storing them. It was great. The children all helped and were very enthusiastic - we worked together and it felt like a huge accomplishment. [Plus they were excited because all of them got "new shoes" out of the deal LOL!].

Nothing special happened this weekend. We just got to enjoy each other. It was wonderful!

I hope this fall brings many more weekends like that!

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  1. I love that.. Everyone snuggling together! Its the best feeling.