Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Lase Med and Antonella Carpenter

[Disclaimer: Before you read this page, you need to know that this is my personal opinion. I am not a doctor or a lawyer. I am not part of the "Medical Conspiracy". I do not profit IN ANY WAY from you reading this page or believing what I say. I speak only as a human being who lost someone very dear to me. I do not want any other person to suffer what my friend Cyndi, and her family, and all of us who loved her have suffered.]

All of my regular readers know that I lost my best friend Cyndi last week.

What people may not know is that her death was caused in great part by a woman who promised her a 100% cure of her cancer.

Cyndi was very interested in alternative cancer treatments, and she found Antonella Carpenter online and became a "patient" of Carpenter's at Lase Med. [I use quotes around patient, because Antonella Carpenter is NOT actually a medical doctor and has no medical training at all].

Dr. Carpenter treated Cyndi with her laser "pseudo science" and then pronounced Cyndi "cancer free" and told her she was completely cured.

It is important to note that BEFORE Cyndi went to Lase Med, her cancer was highly operable and probably completely curable.

AFTER she went to Lase Med, Cyndi lived for several months believing herself to be cancer free [based on Carpenter's word and absolute assurances]. Cyndi avoided any treatment or consultations with Oncologists or any other qualified medical personnel because she was following Carpenter's extremely explicit and vehement instructions not to have any contact with them at all.

When Cyndi's tumors began to grow alarmingly and spread [in one case breaking through the skin], she called Carpenter and asked her what to do. Carpenter first told her this was completely "normal", that it was the "dead" tumor trying to leave her body, and that it would be fine as long as she stayed away from regular doctors [who Carpenter told her would want to cut her up and radiate her and subject her to chemo just so they could profit].

When Cyndi kept getting worse, Carpenter got tired of her calls and became rude with her, finally hanging up on her in their last conversation.

It was at that point that Cyndi realized that Carpenter was NOT what she advertises herself to be. Cyndi then sought a consultation with a "real" Oncologist, who imaged her body and gave her very bad news - her highly curable, highly operable cancer had metastasized and spread throughout her body in the months since she'd been "treated" by Ms. Carpenter. The breast cancer tumors had grown into her chest wall and into her lungs. It was this cancer specifically that killed her - she lost lung function as the cancer continued to grow in her lungs and she finally died a very slow, painful death, drowning in her own fluids.

At the time Antonella Carpenter treated Cyndi originally, Carpenter claimed that she had a 100% cure rate for cancer - that ALL of her patients were cancer free after treatment. Later, when Cyndi asked her if what she [Cyndi] was going through following her treatment was normal, Carpenter admitted that most of her other patients had sought out "real" medical care by that stage so she did not know of any patients who had gotten to that point in their "recovery" [which is what Carpenter still maintained was happening].

This was in direct contradiction to what she had told my friend Cyndi when she originally treated her and pronounced her "cured" - it seems that most of her patients did, indeed, have to seek additional medical care because she was NOT curing them.

Regardless, Carpenter can NOT claim a 100% cure rate any more because I personally know Cyndi died and was NOT cured.

Some of you reading this will think my friend got what she deserved for trusting this scam artist. But that would be a cruel and unfair thing to believe - when someone is diagnosed with cancer, they WANT to believe someone can give them a 100% cure. Especially when that someone has 6 young children counting on them to survive. Carpenter is an excellent saleswoman - she knows enough science to make her scam seem believable. She knows just how to play on a cancer patient's worse fears. She knows EXACTLY how to profit from their terror.

I don't share the same opinion that many other people have - that being that Antonella Carpenter is intentionally profiting from the deaths of her patients. While that IS, in fact, what she is doing - I believe the problem is actually deeper than that.

I believe Antonella Carpenter truly *believes* what she tells her patients. I believe that she wants SO MUCH to actually BE the person who found The Cure for cancer, that she believes, in her own mind, that this is true. What I see and hear and read from Antonella Carpenter makes me believe that she is truly deluded - that she honestly does NOT understand that she is killing people instead of saving them.

This makes her more dangerous - because if she *believes* she is telling the truth, it is so much easier for her to convince others of it. She has such passion, such fire, and such charisma that it is easy to BELIEVE what she says - especially for a desperate cancer patient who WANTS it to be true more than anything.

If you read Antonella Carpenter's Lase Med Inc website, you will see some of what I'm talking about. She seems to exhibit classic paranoia - she says that there is a "medical conspiracy" out there that is killing cancer patients on purpose, but only after they "drain their insurance benefits dry" by putting the patients through months of horrible and painful chemo, radiation, and surgery. She also maintains that SHE, and she alone, has the "real cure" for cancer, but for some unknown reason "They" [being the medical conspiracy I guess?] are keeping her down.

I have worked in hospitals for 20 years. I can promise you, PROMISE YOU, that if this woman had a real cure for cancer the "medical establishment" would have bought her out and made her a very rich woman long ago - every pharmaceutical company, hospital, and health equipment manufacturing company in the world would be vying to get a contract with her. Nobody in their right mind would be "suppressing" a real cure because [ironically] there is HUGE money to be made there.

Medicine can certainly be used as a for profit venture [though most often it is the insurance companies that profit], but the bottom line is this: DEAD patients are NOT good for the bottom line. Dead people don't generate recurring income for doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, or anyone else out there in the "medical conspiracy".

So, what Antonella Carpenter is telling her patients is just not rational. But I do believe that SHE believes it is true. Which, again, makes her so much more believable and thus so much more dangerous.

If you are reading this blog entry because you are a cancer patient or because you have a loved one who is, please think things over very carefully. There are multiple lawsuits against Antonella Carpenter - for good reason.

Don't abandon hope, but don't put your hope in this woman. She will not cure you.

Below I am including more information on this from several sources:

A Youtube video by one of Cyndi's dearest friends, explaining in detail what Cyndi went through:

Here is another Youtube video by a man who lost one of his friends the same way we lost Cyndi at Carpenter's hands:

Here is a news report about Antonella Carpenter and Lase Med [from the "mainstream media"]:

Here is a website from another man who lost his wife after she was treated by Carpenter:

I also invite you to read Carpenter's own entry titled "Under Siege" on her own "official" Lase Med Inc web page. You can draw your own conclusions about why I might think she is paranoid and delusional.

I can assure you that I am not "persecuting" Antonella Carpenter "because she is a woman, she uses a comb, her hair is not white, and she dares to have long nails, not to mention that she dares to not dress like a slob." [-Taken from her own words on her website. .... Ahem.]

I don't care what her nails look like, I just don't want anyone else to die because of her.


  1. We will make sure Ms Carpenter is held responsible for what she has done. I GUARANTEE IT!! As God as my witness I will not let this go until something is done.

  2. How entirely heartbreaking! I will be praying for all of you who are victims of this "person"-who preyed upon people's fears and then used them for profit--not just the "patients" but the families and friends who are now deprived of their physical presence.

  3. The fact that she holds up George Tiller the Baby Killer as some kind of fallen hero is evidence enough of her character. :(

  4. In the case of "her" I meant Antonella, just to be clear.