Tuesday, November 2, 2010

No, I'm Not Voting Today.

So, my facebook feed is going crazy with all my friends saying "Go Vote! Vote Now! You MUST Go Vote!". I've seen all sorts of things posted to try to instill in me a burning desire to go vote today - including Friends who posted pictures of dead babies. [which, you know what? That SUCKS. Thank you for completely traumatizing me before I even had coffee this morning.]

Well, I love my friends, but I'm not going to vote today. [And I am also laughing, because all my friends are telling me to vote on opposite sides - "Vote today or THEY will". Hell, half of "them" are my friends too! ]

Y'all all go on and vote and just cancel each other out, OK?

Part of this is logistical - I never changed my voter registration when we moved last year [yeah, 16 months ago now....]. But I *could* have changed it. I chose not to.

You know why? Because I'm SICK of the illusion that we "little guys" can do anything to affect politics in this country.

I have been a rabid voter since the day I turned 18. I served in the military, I have voted in every election since I turned 18 [even the little stupid elections that nobody else turns out for]. I have been proud of my freedom to vote. I love my country and I am a Patriot. [In the true sense of the word - not as some co-opted motto for this or that fringe group....]

But somewhere recently I realized how futile voting is and that took the wind out of my sails.

A bunch of incompetent, bought and sold Piles of Crap run this country. Today, you have the great privilege of voting for more incompetent, bought and sold Piles of Crap to run this country. You can have a green one or a red one, but you are still voting for a Pile of Crap with sprinkles on top.

There ARE no good choices.

Now, I don't personally fit neatly into any "category" of voter. I am pro-life [my biggest voting issue - because none of the other rights and privileges make a damn bit of difference if you are dead before you take your first breath]. I am pro-legalized recreational drugs [tax those puppies to hell and back and shut down crime all at once - isn't that a win/win?]. I am pro-small government. I am pro-military [because you only get to vote because our stick is big enough to keep anyone from coming to take that Right away from you]. I am pro leave people the hell alone and let them do what they want to do as long as they aren't hurting anyone else.

So, none of those Piles of Crap with sprinkles on top represent me and my beliefs anyway.

But even when I suffer the delusion that one of those Piles of Crap represents me - I am always sorry I voted for them in the end. Take old George W. Bush. I voted for him because he was Pro-Life and had the balls to say he was actually going to do something about it. I voted for him with great excitement and enthusiasm. Great HOPE, in fact. "Save the Babies" and all of that.

You know what the Pile of Crap did? He didn't change any meaningful abortion laws [not that I've noticed at least - it is still legal and still shockingly common], but he did sneak that Patriot Act in there. He took away the very freedoms I was willing to die to protect, and he did it without even giving us a vote on it. THAT certainly wasn't in his damn platform when I voted for him.

I voted for "not Obama" in 2008. Heck, I can't even remember the guy's name now.

I didn't vote FOR him so much as AGAINST Obama, because I thought then [and I think my point has been proven since then] that Obama was an idiot, idealistic academic without the experience to lead a nation. He was also gruesomely pro-abort.

And Obama has lived up to all of my expectations for him. He sucks. Just like George W. Just like Billy Clinton. [Hey, at least I could probably let my daughter be a White House aid safely under Obama. If nothing else, Michelle Obama looks like she'd kick the life out of him if he tried pulling up some poor little 18 year old kid's skirt. So, there's that, that's progress I reckon].

It IS cool to have a black president though, and things suck as much as usual, so I guess it all came out a wash.

Today you get to vote for the guys who had the MOST money to back them so they made it to the polls. That means they also OWE the most money to those "silent partners" who are bankrolling their campaigns. THAT is who those guys are loyal to - not YOU, dear misguided Voter. You and your silly ideas about Democracy and having a voice in things. Tut tut.

And whatever their platforms are, they are just made up lies anyway. You vote for what you THINK *they* might vote for, and it is all meaningless. You don't control what they do once you put them there. [See "Patriot Act" above].

So, you know, Y'ALL go vote. I'm not voting. Have fun picking your Pile of Crap with sprinkles on top and revel in your false sense that you have ANY good choice at the poll today.

They day a decent human being who can be trusted runs for office, I will vote again.

[I don't expect to ever vote again....]

"It's terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged."~ G.K. Chesterton

[And now I know you all want to smack me; sorry about that. You know I love you anyway. :) And I apologize for cursing like a Marine in this post - but politicians are the only thing I know of that are worth cussin' about these days... :) ].
[And if you have any relatives or loved ones who are running for office today, please know that I mean that ALL politicians are rotten Piles of Crap EXCEPT your loved one - I'm sure they are the exception and are wonderful human beings. ;) ]


  1. When you vote in Georgia, do you HAVE to vote for everything on the ballot? Because the biggest reason I vote is to vote on the propositions and I skip 1/2 the "people" items. I'm just curious! I don't think my vote really matters for the individuals running for office, but I've seen enough propositions with few votes between the YEA/Nay votes that I DO believe my vote matters on those.

  2. THIS! This is why we are friends.

  3. You know what. .? I feel pretty much EXACTLY the same way. You are so right; they all say whatever they think they need to say and pretty much everything stays the same no matter who's in office. SIGH. I'm not voting today either by the way. Pretty much the only time I haven't either. I have no idea who is even running for anything and I really don't care. I hate being this way but there you have it. Plus I'm pretty sick of the state of Alabama right now anyway since my kids' dad owes thousands of dollars in child support right now and I'm having to work my butt off to make up for his irresponsibility. His butt should be in jail right now but since our government and legal system is all screwed up, I get to pay the price while he does whatever he wants. I know that sounds whiny but I'm just SICK to death of all the "government systems" right now and everything that goes along with it. Rant over. But thanks for this post. It's nice to feel validated now and then.

  4. I totally agree. I don't vote for many of the same reasons...

  5. Yup. 100%. I voted, but with complicity in the ridiculous facade that it is. I don't care who gets elected--it doesn't matter. NO ONE--not a one of them--is remotely interested in the common good. Blagh!

  6. Awesome blog entry. Love that you "had the balls" to say it out in the open and you said it very well too, I might add. I think I agree with 99.9% of everything you said, and this is why we are friends! And the way you say it is the reason I respect you so much. You are outspoken without being obnoxious... you just say it like it is. And p.s. THANK YOU for fighting for my rights. I will be forever grateful to you and every single veteran for that.

  7. I certainly don't want to smack you, Kelly. In fact, I think I like you more than ever now. You also did a superb job of cursing - every last word perfectly placed, and all of them just the right strength. (Note: I am a foul language artiste, so I know what I'm talking about here.) You are my kind of gal, Martian Mama!

    P.S. I didn't vote either.

  8. teehee. You remind me of my mom. She says (often) around election time, "It's hard to believe this country was founded by people that had the balls to start a war over a tax on tea."