Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Job!!

I realized when one of my readers asked me what my job was that I haven't actually done a real "update" on my employment situation.

In September, I got my old job back - I am back teaching Childbirth at the hospital where I have worked since 1999. Those who have been reading a long time will remember that I quit this job to take care of my "then" husband who had been diagnosed with a chronic illness - and 2 months later he demanded a divorce and moved out of state to live with his on-line girlfriend, leaving me unemployed with 6 kids to care for alone. I had been keeping in touch with my old workplace ever since and as soon as they had an opening and the hiring freeze was lifted, they hired me back.

Getting my job back has been a HUGE blessing! I only work part time [until my children are all in school, I can't actually *afford* to work full time because my child care costs would vastly exceed any income I can generate working full time], but it has really helped us make ends meet.

It has also been really good for my sanity. For over a year, I was pretty much sitting at home alone [I haven't really met people in my community or made any friends, and my kids & I were always sick that first year after the separation and couldn't go anywhere even when we had invitations]. For all that time, I rarely saw another live adult except my dad once a week or so. My whole life was just caring for my children and trying to get them stabilized. [Which was necessary actually, and I don't regret it].

Now, I am back at work, My parents and sister are babysitting for me, or I wouldn't be able to afford to go back to work at all.

Things are good - it is good for me to see actual grown ups and get to talk to people who are old enough to vote.

And I LOVE my job - working with expectant couples is just the best job. I love it. And I feel like I make a difference doing it - beyond what I do in my own home [where I definitely make a huge difference with my children], I feel like I am affecting the world at large in a positive way.

I am continuing to write as well - I do sincerely hope that once my children are older I can turn that into a full time career - only time will tell on that though.

But either way, childbirth education is something I love and I am SO very grateful to be back at it!

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  1. I'm so glad to hear you have your job back and it is working out for you. I'm sure you are a fabulous childbirth educator--and you're right, that is a service that is greatly needed. Especially in our society where most people going in to give birth for the first time have never attended a real-life birth before!