Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Monkey1!!!!

Wow, my first baby is now TWELVE!

Monkey1 had her birthday this past weekend. I think she had a great time.

She asked me to bring the Baby Monkey to her school to have lunch with her, which I did. That was very fun! [And Baby Monkey loved it!].

Then after school she got to go shopping with her grandparents - nothing like going to the Mall and being told "get whatever you want" when you are twelve. She got LOTS of cute tween stuff. Then her grandparents took her out to her favorite Chinese restaurant.

The next day she had a party at a local place that has Laser tag [courtesy of her grandparents who paid for that too!]. It was really a lot of fun - all of the kids had a blast.

Over all a wonderful birthday I think!

She has grown into such a lovely, interesting young lady - I just LOVE the person she is.

Thank you God for Monkey1!


  1. Happy birthday!

    Your children certainly do have some wonderful grandparents who clearly love them very much!


  2. Wow she looks like she's just on the cusp of teenager. Congrats to her and many happy returns! Must seem like just yesterday she was a newborn!!

  3. A belated happy birthday to your first Monkey! She's beautiful!