Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2010 HAS to be Better, Right?

Just so that y'all know I haven't dropped off the face of the planet or died tragically in a nuclear accident... I'm here. Still breathing....snottily and wheezily.

So, last week we had what I guess ended up being Rotovirus - 6 days per person of the most horrible stomach bug ever, complete with high fevers and horrible muscle aches. Which we then spread to my entire family and ended up causing Christmas to be canceled. Which made my children even more depressed - they were already extremely upset that their dad refused to come see them at Christmas time. They were heartbroken, and this did NOT help.

Then, at the tail end of the Rotavirus hell [12 days from when the first of us got sick until the last of us were finally well], two of my children started up with fevers and horrible sounding hacking coughs. That was Christmas Day.

One of those children [the 6yo] was sick for 5 days and is fine now. One of those children [the 8yo] has continued to run fevers on and off for almost a week now and has developed a truly concerning cough. AND the two little girls - the 1yo and 2yo - got sick 3 days ago and have been sicker than any children I've ever seen.

So, we made a trip to the Ped today who verified that we have the Flu. [The girls did NOT appreciate the nose swab...] The "regular" flu, not the swine flu [which, of course, we already had in October]. The two little girls have both got horrid ear infections - the doc said the 1yo has the "worst ears" he's ever seen. And the 8yo has pneumonia. All 3 are on antibiotics now.

Two remaining children have not yet gotten the flu - I pray they won't. We'll see.

I have, of course, gotten the flu. And I'm trying to take care of 6 children with no sleep for 2 weeks straight and just trying to survive and ... just damn.

For those who are keeping up out of a morbid sense of curiosity - we have now had pneumonia [8yo and I] in Sept, Swine Flu in Oct and now Rotavirus last week and the "Seasonal" [or "regular"] flu this week, in addition to various other little colds and coughs in between. On top of everything else [which would be QUITE ENOUGH on its own without sickness].... I mean seriously.

I feel like looking up at God and asking "Really?!!!" [No offense God, but truly... are You trying to KILL me or what?!]

And I have my family here that wants to help, but then I have to live with the guilt of making THEM sick [we had to cancel Christmas, remember, because of me and my sick kids infecting everyone]. :( And, of course, the flu can be fatal to older adults, so wouldn't that just be the most horrible guilt trip in the world if I accidentally kill one of my beloved parents?

I also got news this week that is completely breaking my heart [it is not my news to share, forgive me], so if you wouldn't mind, just offer some serious heart felt prayers up for my "Special Intention" - I promise you it is the best cause to pray for that you can imagine.

A prayer or two for my fortitude, endurance, and sanity would also be quite welcome.

I can't wait to see the end of this year... Bye Bye 2009. Don't let the door hit you in your booty on the way out!!!

Wretched Year.


  1. oh kelly!! 2010 HAS TO BE BETTER!!
    Happy New Year Dear!!

  2. I think it's the public school thing...hopefully they will adjust to all the cooties and grow some amazing immune systems for next year. Hope 2010 is happier for you!